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Omaha's (and the Midwest's) best source for information on Alternative Medicine. This site provides in-depth articles on over 50 alternative healing therapies; a directory of sources in Omaha, Nebraska and the greater Midwest area; and a calendar of upcoming workshops, classes and events.

Life Coaching and Health Coach

JoAnn and Dr. David Bouda partnership with you to support you in finding the important path for your life journey.

JoAnn and David Bouda help unlock a person's potential to maximize their own performance to live life better, longer, and to slow the aging process.


Michael Braunstein is a board-certified hypnotherapist in Omaha, Nebraska, in practice since 1992.

Millions of people use hypnosis and self-hypnosis for every reason under the sun -- from easing childbirth, managing anxiety, and improving athletic performance to overcoming health issues and pain control.

Chiropractic Services

Dr. Jeffrey Meyers, D.C., F.I.A.M.A

At Back2Health, Dr. Jeffrey Meyers specializes in an assortment of alternative and traditional healing therapies including Chiropractic, Spinal Rehabilitation, Personal Injury Treatment, Acupuncture, Nutrition Therapy, Massage, Weight Loss, Herbal Supplementation, and Homeopathy.

Craniosacral Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Ann Ealy, LMT

Ann is a licensed massage therapist, registered craniosacral therapist and Kripalu yoga instructor.

Shine Day Spa

Luxury Massage , Facials, Airbrush Tanning, Waxing, and Nail Treatments

For optimal health, take a few minutes to relax and enjoy each day in a "shining way". The professionals at Shine Day Spa can help.

Pawnee Pride Meats

Paul and Cyndie Rohrbaugh Family

Healty, grass fed beef, pork and free range chicken

Providing clean, nutritious food and building the land at a price that is beneficial to the farmer and the consumer.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Mary Marshall, LMT

An Omaha licensed massage therapist who utilizes a broad range of healing therapies including Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, myopractic, healing touch, reflexology. Their web site offers links to alternative cancer therapy resources.

Astrology Readings and Astrology Classes

Ann Devish

Takes into account all eight planets, the sun, the moon and several sensitive areas such as the rising sign. Each of these aspects providing insight into the psychological energies that is unique to each person.

Nebraska Natural Health Center

Dr. Shawn Schmidt

Offering the Highest quality treatment - using the latest technology in chiropractic, acupuncture, meridian testing, anti-aging therapies, functional nutrition assessment, far infra-red therapies and massage therapy.

Macrobiotics Cooking Videos

Linda Wemhoff and

A former personal chef to Michio and Evelyne Kushi (cofounders of Macrobiotics), Linda's videos teach you the principles of the Macrobiotic diet as well as preparation of delicious macrobiotic dishes.

Traditional Amazon Herbs

Independent Distributors of Amazon Herb Company products

Fiberzon, Rainforest Treasure Tea and other Amazon Rainforest Herbs

Amazon herbs that offer healthful benefits while supporting the native tribes that live in the delicate Amazon Rainforest EcoSystem.

Amy McCae, Certified Personal Trainer

Evolving Wellness through support and education in fitness, nutrition, and stress management

Offers energy work, nutritional counseling, personal fitness training, personal coaching, meditation workshops and seminars.

Elaine Tucker, MA, RN, CS, CHTP

Elaine Tucker offers healing touch, psychotherapy and visualization from her office in Omaha, Nebraska.

Microhydrin & Royal BodyCare nutritional products

Royal BodyCare Distributors #574809

Microhydrin, Cola Vada Cleanse, Spirulina with Microcluster, Colostrum, MSM and other Royal BodyCare nutritional products at discount prices.

Feng Shui consultant Julie Oberembt

Julie's concepts empower you to realize your goals and objectives and

Feng Shui consultant Julie Oberembt applies the principles of Feng Shui to help you feel more focused and productive in your home or business.

Professional Life and Wellness Coach Michelle Merritt

Michelle Merritt is a Premier Life, Health and Wellness Coach who specializes in the challenges of men and particularly women who experience undiagnosed or misdiagnosed health issues.

Vitality and Prosperity - Life, Health and Wellness Coaching

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